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Info on the artist:

Jay Vallo, Acoma Pueblo, New Mexico (1959 – )

Jeanette Vallo, “Nah-Sde-Te”, known as “Jay”, is a full blooded Native American Indian. She was born into the Acoma Pueblo in 1959. She was inspired to continue the long lived tradition of working with pottery by observing her grandmother, Lita Garcia, at a very young age. She comes from a family of talented and creative pottery makers and painters. The lucrative aspect was also inspiration for Jay to become an artist. Jay is a natural gifted painter and with this in her blood she began painting many patterns at the age of 18.

Jay specializes in hand painting ceramic pottery. She hand paints eye dazzling starburst and fine line patterns on wedding vases and other shapes of pottery. Jay was taught the traditional methods of hand coiling pottery using ancient traditional methods from her family members. However, she really enjoys the hand painting side of working with the pottery. She signs her pottery as Jay Vallo, Acoma. Jay is related to the following artists: Brian Chino (brother), Corrine Chino (sister), Germaine Reed (sister), and Edna Chino (mother).