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Changing Spaces SRS
5621 S. 50th Street Ste. 4
Lincoln, NE 68516

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Does your club or organization need a speaker?

Owner Jeannine Bryant routinely gives presentations in Lincoln and surrounding areas to clubs, businesses and organizations on a variety of topics. There is no charge for her services, and the presentations can be anywhere from 15-60 minutes in length, depending on your needs. Some of the topics she presents on include:

  • The Decision to Make the Transition: What to do when it comes time to make a decision about moving.
  • Live Your Best Life Now: How can “rightsizing” improve my life, and my family’s life, right now?
  • Throw out 50 Things! Practical tips for getting going with the downsizing process. Throw out 50 things that you won’t even miss – I promise!
  • Keep the Memories, not the Stuff: Tips for dealing with emotional clutter while still preserving family history.

Employment Opportunities

Working for Changing Spaces SRS is most definitely a rewarding experience! Working with new clients each week, tackling various tasks related to helping our clients rightsize, and interacting with the rest of our team members provides a dynamic work environment that gives employees so much to enjoy about their jobs. Along with this, the satisfaction that comes with being part of a team and growing a small company together is truly a joy.

We are always seeking top-notch applicants to join our Changing Spaces SRS team. We look for people who are responsible, caring, kind and self-motivated with good organizational and problem solving skills.

We are not currently hiring, but will post the position here when we are!