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The best keepsake of all

The best keepsake of all I had a moment of clarity the other night while playing a card game with my 8-year old daughter. She and I often play a hand or [...]

What is rare is precious

What is rare is precious Diamonds, rubies, four-leaf clovers, and first-editions of classic books.  What makes these items precious is that they are rare – it’s hard to find these items, and [...]

How much is too much

How much is too much? The LA Times recently reported on a study which stated that the average American home has 300,000 items – and that’s just the average!  Some homes may [...]

Things you can get rid of RIGHT NOW

Things you can get rid of RIGHT NOW! Feel like doing a little spring cleaning, but don’t know where to start?  We’ve got a list to jump start your de-cluttering!  The spring [...]

You Might Need to Rightsize If…

You Might Need to Rightsize If... Rightsizing is finding that place between too much and too little.  It’s not about getting rid of the things you own and love, it’s about letting [...]

Throw Out 50 Things

Throw Out 50 Things Clear out just 5 items in each of these 10 categories and you’ll rid your home of 50 things you’ll never even miss!  Now, get started! Books/Magazines [...]

Clutter-Free Gifts

Clutter-Free Gifts Let’s face it:  We all have too much stuff!  The holidays should be a time of joy and fellowship among friends and family members.  All too often, however, the stress [...]