Changing Spaces SRS, Serving Across the Generations

One of the exceptional things about our company is the way it brings people from many generations together.  Not only is our team at Changing Spaces SRS varied across the generations, but the clients we serve who are downsizing often range in age between 60-90, and our shoppers who frequent our online auctions and estate sales represent young children all the way up to seniors!

I am proud to say that the Changing Spaces SRS team is made up of fantastic people ranging in age from their 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, and even a few 70+ year-olds!  We have found that team members from each decade possess different skills that enable us to come together as a whole to serve our clients, our shoppers, and our community well.  I know that when we bring various ages together, we all benefit.

Older generations have a wealth of knowledge and experience that younger generations can benefit from, and younger generations can often help older generations with physical tasks and assist with frustrating technology issues.  In fact, when generations mingle, we are all able to gain a better understanding of each other’s perspectives and experiences. This can help to break down biases and promote greater empathy and understanding, which leads to a stronger community.  The social and emotional benefits are there as well – people of all ages are more at risk today of social isolation and loneliness, so spending time together truly creates a greater sense of connectedness.

I am thrilled that Changing Spaces SRS can be a place where people of various generations work together and shop together, serving older adults and sharing the love of antique, vintage, and 2nd-hand shopping with people of all ages.

In fact, estate sales are a great place where children (my own included!) love shopping to see what treasures they can find.  Teenagers and people in their 20s often love the cool vintage clothing, jewelry, and decor they can find at our sales at a reasonable price.  Shoppers in their 30s and 40s often appreciate the budget-friendly finds at our sales, as well as shopping 2nd hand in order to live in a more eco-conscious way.  Plenty of treasure hunters in their 50s, 60s, and beyond love the thrill of the hunt, adding to their own collections and finding something they’ve never seen before at our auctions and estate sales.

Older adult children in their 50s and 60s often relate to our work in a new way because they are now faced with emptying out their own parent’s houses, and our business suddenly becomes of great interest to them.  Most of the older adult clients we help downsize are in their 70s, 80s, and 90s – some are moving out of the home they raised their children in and downsizing to a townhome that is all on one level, others are downsizing even more to an apartment in a senior living community.

I truly believe that the intergenerational nature of our business has allowed Changing Spaces SRS to fulfill its purpose — to be a blessing to its employees, our clients, and to our community as a whole.