Change Happens, and Transitions are Inevitable

Each and every one of our clients at Changing Spaces SRS has one thing in common – they are all going through a time of transition.  This may mean that a health event has occurred, there has been a death in the family, or a family’s time in a home has come to an end for one reason or another.  Life in the home has become too difficult to maintain, or they know that inevitably the time will come to leave the home and they are choosing to do it proactively.  Our company’s mission statement begins with the phrase, “change happens and transitions are inevitable.”  None of us can escape change – it comes for all of us eventually.

Change is often scary because what comes along with change is often the unknown.  A time of transition is that space in between what was and what will be.  Transition is that time “in-between” what is gone and what is not yet here.  It is in this tender and scary moment that we meet our clients to discuss a move or an estate sale or an online auction.

Our clients can’t help but wonder –

“Will I like living in my new apartment in the senior living community?”

“What will life look like now that both of my parents have passed away?”

“If mom and dad no longer live in this house, will our family still create memories around the holidays?”

“How can I build a life now that my spouse has died?”

“Will I still remember all the family memories we made after we leave this house?”

“Now that I’m entering the last years of my life, did what I do matter?  Will the life I lived in this house be remembered by those I leave behind?”

These questions are not small ones; indeed, they may be some of the biggest, most meaningful questions one can ask themselves in their lifetime.

Change involves both the creation of something new and the destruction of something old.  Our hesitation with change comes as we face the prospect of replacing the familiar with the unknown.  Our company is uniquely positioned to serve as a comfort and support to our clients during these difficult times, and it is truly what makes our work so meaningful.  We do the work not only because we love working with older adults (we do), but because we know that all of us, at one point or another, will go through a similar time of transition.  It is truly an honor to walk alongside our clients as they navigate change and provide stability and support through the process.