What Should I Bring With Me When I Move?

Downsizing your possessions when preparing for a move to a smaller home (or apartment) can be overwhelming.  You know you can’t take it all, but what’s important, and what’s not?  Where do you even start?  These are questions we hear week in and week out from our clients, so we provide them with a suggested packing list when they are preparing for a move to a retirement community.

We’ve broken it down by room, listing both essentials and some “extras” which are nice to have, if there’s enough room.  Check out our list and feel free to share with anyone you know who is planning a move to a retirement community!

What Should I Bring?

Essentials (and some extras) to be sure
to bring to your new home

Hand Soap
Towels, hand towels, wash cloths (5 sets)
Shower curtain/shower curtain rings
Bathroom rugs
Toiletries (face wash, toothbrush/toothpaste, lotion, medications)
Garbage can
Toilet paper
Toilet riser (if needed)

Paper Towels
Dish rags and Dish towels
Hand soap & Dish soap
Garbage Can & Trash bags
1 skillet
2 saucepans
Set of 4-6:  Dishes/glasses/mugs
1 set of silverware
2 casserole dishes
1-2 baking pans/sheets
Dish drainer
Coffee maker

Laundry Room:
Laundry detergent and softener
Laundry baskets
Cleaning products (limited)

Living Room:
Stereo/Radio and CD’s

Extra hangers
Robe, slippers
Coat/jacket (max. 2 for each season)
Dressing Stool
Sheets (2 sets for each bed)

Extras (Good to Have):
Extension cords
Holiday decorations (limited)
Welcome mat
Small table for entryway (place to put purse/keys)
Coat rack
Magazine rack
Folding chairs/card table
Extra light bulbs
Night Lights