The 4 Pillars of our Business

I’d like to introduce you to the four ladies whom I call “the pillars of our business” – they are our DMM’s (short for Dedicated Move Managers). Each and every job that we do gets assigned a manager, whether it’s a move we are coordinating or an estate sale we are running. Each job is assigned a manager that is responsible for ensuring that the job is completed and that the client is happy. Nine times out of ten, it’s one of these four gals who serves in that role.

The manager works with a team of anywhere from 1-6 other people to accomplish the task at hand. They are responsible for ensuring that they have all the supplies they need, that everything is communicated properly to the client, that the boxes are packed correctly, our client is unpacked and settled in their new home after the move, estate sale items are displayed and priced properly, and that our clients and our estate sale customers receive a high level of customer service. Ultimately, they are responsible for ensuring that the whole job is accomplished with compassion, respect, integrity, reliability, and mindfulness.

Sounds like a lot, doesn’t it?! Can you see now why I refer to them as the pillars of our business? Our client’s experience rests on the shoulders of our entire team, but it is these four managers who carry a lot of that load. We are blessed to have these women providing the leadership for each and every one of our jobs. Thank you Barb Bowers, Bev Piper, Joyce Dunham and Michelle Eastman.