It’s time to spring clean your garage!

Let’s stop putting it off.  The weather has finally gotten warm (but not too hot), so the time is just right to tackle that pile of stuff that’s in your garage.  Don’t wait – it’s not going to get any easier, and the weather won’t get any more pleasant for an entire year, so take advantage of these spring days and JUST DO IT.

Whether there’s just a little bit of clutter accumulation in your garage or stuff overflowing from every inch, break down this project into manageable steps to make the process easier.

To start, set yourself a time limit.  Tell yourself that you’ll work on clearing the clutter for just one afternoon.  Or, if that seems too overwhelming, decide to tackle the project just one hour at a time.  I bet you’ll be surprised at the amount of progress you make in a short amount of time once you get focused.  That means no stopping mid-project to answer the phone, change the laundry, run an errand, or read the mail.  Set a timer and don’t let yourself take a break until your time limit is up!

First things first, find the trash in your garage and remove it first.  Some examples of things that can just be tossed are:

*Scrap wood you’ll never use (put out at the curb for free before trash day, or donate to Habitat Re-store)

*Old paint that you’ll never use again (mix it with cat litter to dry it up and put into the trash once solid)

*Old oil and gasoline from the lawn mower or snowblower (take to a local hazardous waste collection)

*Broken bikes, parts and pieces to things you no longer have, non-working fridges/freezers (call a local scrap metal dealer to pick up)

*Old grass seed, potting soil (disperse in your yard, if possible, or toss in the trash)

*Broken tools (trash)

*Broken, stained or worn out lawn furniture (trash)

Things that still have use, just not for you:

*Tools you don’t have a use for any longer (donate to Habitat Restore or offer them to a friend/family member)

*Surplus camping gear and coolers (if you haven’t used it in 3 or more years, donate it so that someone else can get use out of it).

*Surplus gardening supplies (extra pots, planters, shovels)

*Extra garden hoses. (do you really need more than one?)

*Yard decorations like tiki torches, garden gnomes and other items gathering dust

Once you toss out the trash items and donate the “still useful, just not to you” items, you’ll have more breathing room in your garage.  You might even clear enough space to sweep out the garage and get it looking a little cleaner and brighter for the spring season.  Pour yourself a glass of lemonade and enjoy some time in the sunshine, congratulating yourself on a job well done, just in time for warmer weather!