921 Rosewood Drive

NE of 70th & A Streets

January 24-25, 2020

Sale Location

General list of items for sale

Full bed
Twin Trundle bed (makes to king)
Vintage cameras, flashes, binoculars
Antique bedroom set
Antique Eastlake dresser w/ mirror
Cast iron wall mount hurricane lamp
Vintage sofa and chairs
Jasperware plates
Vasoline glass
Christmas trees
Holiday decor
Vintage Christmas
Antique International Harvester Freezer
Vintage school table
Vintage school chairs
Lincoln East High band uniforms & memorabilia
Worldly travel decor & collectibles
Vintage linens
Bentwood chairs
Antique school books
Vintage woodworking tools
Extension & step ladders
Vintage car parts
Picnic table
Adirondack loveseat
Antique Kenmore washer
Sterling & vintage jewelry

*Stay tuned for more info and photos on Thursday!

Upcoming Estate Sales

Jan 31-Feb 1: 3514 Cape Charles Rd E

How does a Changing Spaces SRS Estate Sale work?

Nearly each weekend of the year, we organize and run an estate sale (sometimes two!) for a client inside their home.  An estate sale is a tag sale, so no bidding is required. Each item has a price tag on it – just come on in and shop!

If you wish to be one of the first shoppers in the door on Friday morning, you’ll want to get a number. Numbers are handed out each Friday morning at 7:00 am for Early Birds, as a way to control the large early morning crowd. After the initial rush dies down, no need for a number – just come on in!

We look forward to treasure hunting with you!

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