Are you a business looking for ways to sell online during the pandemic?

We are exploring ways to bring the popularity and easy functionality of Changing Spaces SRS Online Auctions to your business.

Our solution would provide a web site that allows you to upload auction items for sale to the public. It would look just like a Changing Spaces SRS Online Auction except when people visit your auctions they would only see your company’s items and no one else’s. You manage your items, see reports for your sales, and decide whether you want to offer in-person pickup or manage shipping the items.

Not a business?  Just an individual looking to sell some personal items?  Contact Changing Spaces SRS at to ask about selling items on consignment! 

  • Login to the your secure site and manage your auction items

  • You can set the starting date, ending date, starting price, tax rates, and optional shipping rates

  • Collect funds online from customers via credit card.

If you wish to be contacted when this becomes available, please fill out the form below!