Celebrating a Decade with Changing Spaces SRS

January 2020 marks the 10-year anniversary of owner Jeannine Bryant joining Changing Spaces SRS. Started in 2008 by co-founders and sisters Linda Cotter and Kelley See, the company expanded to take on two additional owners, Susan Reese and Jeannine Bryant in January 2010 (pictured here). In the last decade, the other owners have retired and moved out of state, leaving Jeannine as sole owner. It is fun to look back on all that has changed in ten years!

A decade ago this business was a new venture and we were just starting out, getting our feet wet with helping seniors move and running estate sales. Although our company has grown and changed in the past decade, we have remained the same in all the most important ways. Our mission, vision and values are the same: to help seniors and their families through times of transition and to do it with compassion, honesty, reliability, respect, and mindfulness.

Happy New Year from all of us at Changing Spaces SRS! Jeannine Bryant recently gave a presentation on her decade in business, including all that has changed throughout that time, click here to view the video!