Clutter-Free Gifts

Let’s face it:  We all have too much stuff!  The holidays should be a time of joy and fellowship among friends and family members.  All too often, however, the stress of purchasing gifts for everyone in our life gets to us, and in the back of our minds we know that no one really needs all of this “stuff.”  Here are some good ideas for giving “clutter-free” gifts that everyone can enjoy!

  • Gifts that Pamper:  gift certificate for a massage, pedicure, manicure, or facial

  • The Gift of an Experience:  wine-tasting classes, art classes, continuing education classes from SCC (everything from woodworking to belly dancing!), dinner at a local fine restaurant, a night in a fancy local hotel or bed-and-breakfast, tickets to a performance at the Lied Center or Community Playhouse, tickets to a concert or sporting event, movie theatre tickets.

  • Consumable Gifts:  fine wine, gourmet chocolates, fancy cheeses, stationary/cards and envelopes with a roll of stamps, gas cards, car wash gift cards, lottery tickets, soaps, shampoos, lotions (be sure you know what scents they like before buying these), coffee shop gift cards, oil change gift cards, iTunes gift cards, Omaha steaks gift package.

  • “Temporary” gifts:  A bouquet of flowers (they can be enjoyed for a week or two, then tossed out in the New Year).

  • Re-gifting Items You Already Own:  This is a great solution if you are in the process of downsizing.  Give away some of those special mementos you plan to give to family members after you are gone NOW so you can see them enjoy the item and tell them the special significance of it.  Also, pass along books you already own and have read to someone you think will truly enjoy them.  Encourage them to re-gift the book to someone else after they have enjoyed it.

  • Charity Donations:  Give a charitable donation in honor of a loved one in the amount that you would have spent on a gift for them.  These donations can be especially meaningful if given to a charitable cause that is near and dear to your loved one’s heart.

  • Services:  Offer to scan photographs for your loved one, clean out their attic, de-clutter the basement, organize their filing cabinet.  These gifts would be greatly appreciated and help to de-clutter, instead of adding to the clutter!

  • Other ideas:  Netflix subscription, YMCA/gym membership, Sam’s Club membership, children’s museum annual membership, Spring Creek Prairie annual membership, subscription to the local newspaper, photo calendar with important family birthdays and important dates marked.