Throw Out 50 Things

Clear out just 5 items in each of these 10 categories and you’ll rid your home of 50 things you’ll never even miss!  Now, get started!

  • Books/Magazines

  • Clothing

  • Kitchen Utensils/Gadgets

  • Knick Knacks

  • Holiday Decor

  • Paperwork/Mail

  • Pantry/Food Items

  • Garage Items

  • “Keepsake Items” – Photos, Greeting Cards, Etc.

  • Toiletry Items

Going through each of these categories in your home will open your eyes to the amount of unnecessary clutter you have in these areas.  Don’t feel bad about – we all suffer from excess STUFF in these areas!  That’s what makes this exercise so powerful!  You may find it necessary to go back and “Throw out 50 Things” once per month!