How much is too much?

The LA Times recently reported on a study which stated that the average American home has 300,000 items – and that’s just the average!  Some homes may have less, but some homes have more!  And remember, when you move out of your home, you must touch and decide on each and every one of those items!!  Yikes!

This article got us thinking – how much STUFF do we really have in our own homes?  These photos (from clients we have helped to rightsize) help to illustrate how multiple items can tend to pile up in ones home, if you’re not careful!  So ask yourself – how many items of one kind do I really need?

Here we see an overflowing amount of sheets/towels in a linen closet, more perfume than one could wear in a lifetime, and an excess of scrub brushes!  Can you identify?  What categories of items do you struggle with in your home?  And how much is too much?