Things you can get rid of RIGHT NOW!

Feel like doing a little spring cleaning, but don’t know where to start?  We’ve got a list to jump start your de-cluttering!  The spring time gets all of us a little extra motivated to tidy things up a bit and de-clutter our space.  In fact, decluttering is not something that is done once and is finished; it is something that should be done on a regular basis.  I think of it as going to the dentist for a teeth-cleaning.  Clutter is like plaque, and it builds up over time.  Every six months or so, it’s good to do a “clean sweep” and scrub off the plaque (clutter) build-up.

  • Old magazines

  • Extra plastic containers/lids in the kitchen

  • Outdated medications

  • Shoes you never wear/purses you never use

  • Extra coats/gloves/scarves/hats you aren’t using

  • Knick knacks you’re tired of dusting

  • Expired food in your refrigerator or pantry

  • Old electronics (radios, cell phones, printers)

  • Extra candles, vases, and decorative napkins you don’t use

  • Books you’ve finished reading (or never intend to read)