You Might Need to Rightsize If…

Rightsizing is finding that place between too much and too little.  It’s not about getting rid of the things you own and love, it’s about letting go of the “stuff” that doesn’t matter to make room for the items that really do matter!  When you clear out what’s not important, you have more space to display, use, and enjoy what is important.

  • There are several unidentified boxes sitting in your basement, garage, or attic.

  • You have clothing hanging in your closet that you haven’t worn since Ronald Reagan was president.

  • You are still holding on to gifts your friends or family members gave you…because you’d feel too guilty to get rid of them.

  • When asked where your birth certificate, passport, or marriage license are – you’d have no idea.

  • There are boxes that are neatly packed, sealed and stacked in a pile….from the last time you moved (which was several years ago).  And you have no idea what’s in them.

  • You have boxes and boxes of your children’s items (toys, yearbooks, keepsakes, stuffed animals)….only your children aren’t children anymore….in fact, they’re grown up and have a home and family of their own.

  • You’ve owned books for more than 5 years but never read them, have craft projects that have been “in process” (or never even started) for more than 5 years, clothing that hasn’t fit you for 5 years.

  • There are bottles of lotions and potions in your bathroom that were purchased before the turn of the century (2000).

  • Your garage is being used for storing lots of things…except for your car.

Do any of these hit close to home for you?  If so, then it’s time you RIGHTSIZE!  Call us today, we can help!