Your stuff is weighing you down

Your stuff is heavy.  Believe me, I know.  I’m in 8-10 homes a week, visiting with potential clients.  While there, I’m looking into every crack and crevice, every closet and cupboard.  And I hear the sighs of exasperation.  I can see the sloped shoulders, the drooping head, the shuffled feet as people show me their “problem areas” that they need help sorting through before their move.

The excess stuff in your garage, the stuff in your basement storage room, the stuff shoved in the back of your master closet, and the piles of stuff in your office are having a negative impact on your life.  You see it, you know it’s there, and you’re not sure what to do with it.  Why don’t we just get it out, bag it up, and throw it out or donate it?  Because it seems like a lot of work, and we worry that we might need these things one day.  Deep down, we know we should get rid of this stuff, but something is holding us back.

Sometimes, people hold on to their stuff as though it is a life preserver.  It helps them feel safe and secure, as though everything will be okay.  They won’t ever run out of whatever it is they are keeping (books to read, office supplies to use, clothing to wear, decorations for holiday time).  Maybe keeping these things is a way of being frugal, they think.  If I keep all this excess stuff I have, maybe I won’t have to go out to the store so often and buy more.

But my message to you, dear reader, is this – your stuff is not a life preserver.  It is an anchor weighing you down.  It’s weighing on your mind, it’s weighing on your time, it’s weighing on your living space, and it’s weighing on your life.  What could you do in your life if you didn’t have all of this STUFF in your home to sort through, store, clean, and worry about?  What would you do with all that extra time?  With that extra space in your home?  With the extra money you’re spending on a storage unit?  With the extra mental energy that is freed when not thinking and worrying about your stuff?

Wouldn’t it be exciting to find out?  But that takes some bravery.  Are you ready?  Ready to rightsize?