You Might Need to Rightsize If…

You Might Need to Rightsize If... Rightsizing is finding that place between too much and too little.  It’s not about getting rid of the things you own and love, it’s about letting [...]

Throw Out 50 Things

Throw Out 50 Things Clear out just 5 items in each of these 10 categories and you’ll rid your home of 50 things you’ll never even miss!  Now, get started! Books/Magazines [...]

Keep the Memories, Not the Stuff

Keep the Memories, Not the Stuff Tips for dealing with emotional clutter while preserving family history “Tidying sentimental items means putting the past in order.” -Marie Kondo Step 1:  [...]

Where Do I Begin?

Where Do I Begin? Helpful suggestions for preparing for a move Begin with a floorplan.  Whether you utilize Changing Spaces SRS’s floorplanning services or do your own, be sure that [...]